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Alusus' project uses Git for source code control, and it uses Redmine for task and bug management as well as for reporting bugs and other errors. The project is developed under a Linux environment and it uses the following technologies:

Alusus' Source Code Repository

Visit the Building and Running Instructions document for details on steps to build from source code as well as external dependencies.

Contributing to the Project

The team is in need of volunteers in the areas of programming, documentation, as well as spreading the word among the programming community. Contribution to this open source project has many benefits. In addition to benefeting the society, working on this project gives you experience in latest technologies and builds a reputation of being a professional and highly skilled programmer. Whoever contributes to this project will have his name added to the official website either as a contributor or as a core team member. Core team members are those who can contribute continuously and dedicate a certain number of hours every week. Those will get an email address @alusus.org.
There are many scopes to which a person can choose to contribute as explained in the next section.

If you can't contribute or don't have the time, then you can help by donating to the project:

Available Contribution Scopes

In addition to the above, help is also needed in spreading the word among the programming community and establishing cooperation relationship with education and research institutes.

Contribution Terms and Conditions

By submitting any contribution:

Development Team


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