Alusus is Arabic for 'The Foundations', which reflects the design of the language since it provides the foundations on which any programming feature can be built. Also, the Core of the language only provides the foundations of the language and leaves the rest to be provided by libraries.

The source code is available for everyone to use free of charge even for commercial purposes, but the license under which the source code is released is more restricted than GPL.

Alusus is released under Alusus Public License, Version 1.0, which allows the free use of the language for any purpose including commercial purposes, but the license prevents the user from releasing a modified version of the language without permission from the project maintainers. Visit the license page for more details.

The project is still in its infancy and its maintainers are trying at this point to avoid fragmentation at such an early stage. The main reason to avoid licenses like GPL is that those licenses allow anyone to release a modified version which may result in multiple languages not compatible with each other.

Yes, when the project becomes more mature and stable we intend to release it under GPL. There isn't yet any schedule for this but most probably version 1.0 will be the version that goes out under GPL.

Absolutely. We are actively looking for volunteers. Please contact us for more information.

The compiler (Core) is written in C++11 and uses STL. The standard libraries are written using C++11, STL, and LLVM.

Currently, Alusus supports Linux, and we also intend to support Windows and Mac OS in the future.

Alusus was invented by Sarmad Khalid Abdullah and he made its overall design and he is currently developing it with the help of other contributors.