Alusus Programming Language

Alusus programming language is a general purpose programming language that can be dynamically extended by end users. It allows for expanding the language to cover all the programmer's needs without the need for multiple languages.

Vertically extensible to combine low-level features, such as those found in C++, with high-level features, such as those found in languages like Python and TypeScript.

Combines the flexibility of dynamic languages with the efficiency of compiled languages.

Horizontally expandable to cover all programming domains, such as web applications, desktop applications, embedded systems programming, artificial intelligence, database handling, and more.
Language extensions can be seamlessly imported into the program directly from their sources without the need to rebuild the compiler or modify its settings, and without relying on Alusus development team.
Combine the clarity and seamlessness of high level languages with the performance of low level languages, and develop your entire project with a single langauge.

Read an overview about the language and refer to the documentation page for more details, then start developing your programs.

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